Fakultät für Physik




TVI/TMP-TA3: Many Body Physics – Lecture notes

Notes in pdf format can be downloaded here after each lecture:

10.4. lec1 2nd quantization
12.4. lec2 2nd quantization cont'd
17.4. lec3 Hubbard & Heisenberg models
19.4. lec4 antiferromag. mean-field theory
24.4. lec5 weakly interacting bosons
26.4. lec6 bosons cont'd, BCS
3.5. lec7 BCS cont'd, path integrals
8.5. lec8 coherent states
15.5. lec9 functional integrals
17.5. lec10 correlation functions
24.5. lec11 perturb. theory, Feynman diagrams
29.5. lec12 Feynman diags cont'd
5.6. lec13 Dyson's equation, self-energy
7.6. lec14 RPA
12.6. lec15 analytic properties of correl. funcs.
14.6. lec16 spectral functions, Kramers-Kronig
19.6. lec17 Kubo formula
21.6. lec18 conductivity of disordered metals
26.6. lec19 Hubbard-Stratonovich trafo
28.6. lec20 H-S cont'd
3.7. lec21 superconductivity
5.7. lec22 Anderson-Higgs
10.7. lec23 frustrated magnetism, spin liquids