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Advanced Ultracold Quantum Gases – Overview

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3h Lecture +1h Journal Club (+2h Tutorials)

About the lecture

Time and place

Dienstag, Donnerstag 14:00-16:00 ct, H107 (Schellingstr. 4)

Please find the website of the lecture here: www.quantum-munich.de/teaching/lect-adv-quantum-gases-ss-19/

This course gives an overview over the field of ultracold quantum gases, and introduces important concepts which underly current research in the field.We will focus on the many-body physics of ultracold quantum gases and discuss a range of topics in this diverse field, which is related to quantum optics, condensed matter physics and quantum mechanics in general.

"Advanced" here means that it goes beyond the winter semester class "Inroduction to Ultracold Quantum Gases" by focusing more on the many-body physics and current research. However, it is not necessary to have taken the introduction class for the advaned class. For more details please visit the course web site linked above.

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