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Seminar: Key Experiments in Particle Physics – Übersicht

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Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Tuesday 12-14 ct
Theresienstr. 37 - A 450

Registration is by email to Prof. Thomas Kuhr and must include the selection of a topic from the available ones in the list below. Alternatively one can sign up for a remaining topic at the introduction session.

Date Topic Presenter Coaches
23.04.19 Introduction
07.05.19 Discovery of the W and Z bosons Christoph Ames HGM, PL
07.05.19 Discovery of the Higgs boson Laurent Jacques TK, MR
14.05.19 Discovery of the charm quark and tau lepton Márton Németh-Csóka CK, KL
21.05.19 Muon g-2 Tobias Laimer TL, SS
28.05.19 Discovery of the top quark Mansour Alataw TK, MR
04.06.19 Discovery of neutrino oscillations Alessandro Schwemmer CK, SS
04.06.19 Discovery of CP violation in the kaon system Felix Schmid TK, PL
02.07.19 Discovery of CP violation in the B meson system Ralph Weber TL, BW
16.07.19 Structure of the proton Johannes Wickles TK, TL
23.07.19 SLAC eD experiment Christian Kiesling
26.07.19 Belle II VR @ LRZ, 14:00


BW Benedikt Wach
CK Christian Kiesling
FK Fabian Krinner
HGM Hans-Günther Moser
KL Kilian Lieret
MR Martin Ritter
PL Philipp Leitl
SS Sebastian Skambraks
TKr Thomas Krätzschmar
TK Thomas Kuhr
TL Thomas Lück

A talk and active participation are required for a successful completion of the seminar.