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Seminar: Key Experiments in Particle Physics – Übersicht

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Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Tuesday 12-14 ct
Online, if in person course are possible Theresienstr. 37 - A 449

The seminar will, at least in the beginning, be held online using zoom. You must be registered for the seminar in LSF to receive the connection information! Please make sure you have created a zoom account and have registered for the zoom meeting as communicated by email before the seminar starts.

In addition to the registration in LSF sign-up for a topic from the available ones in the list below is by email to Prof. Thomas Kuhr. Alternatively one can sign up for a remaining topic at the introduction session.

Date Topic Presenter Coaches
21.04.20 Introduction
28.04.20 Discovery of the Higgs Boson Selina Kettner TK, NH
12.05.20 Discovery of the top quark Abhishek Dubey TK, BW
19.05.20 Discovery of the charm quark and tau lepton Kyeong Ro Lee CK, MR
26.05.20 Discovery of CP violation in the kaon system Sandra Coll-Vinent TL, NE
09.06.20 Discovery of CP violation in the B meson system Abhishek Chikkaballi TK, NE
16.06.20 Structure of the proton Yannick Broß CK, NH
23.06.20 SLAC eD experiment Cristian Telescu CK, TL
30.06.20 Discovery of the tau neutrino Ankip Kumar CK, TL
07.07.20 Discovery of neutrino oscillations Janet Qesja TK, SB
21.07.20 Closeout


BW Benedikt Wach
CK Christian Kiesling
HGM Hans-Günther Moser
MR: Markus Reif
NE: Nathalie Eberlein
NH: Nikolai Hartmann
SB: Sviatoslav Bilokin
TK Thomas Kuhr
TL Thomas Lück

A talk and active participation are required for a successful completion of the seminar.