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Radiation Protection for Medical Applications: physical, legal and practical aspects – Overview

About the lecture

Time and place

Monday, 16:10 - 18:00 s.t., Lecture Room H 537, Schellingstrasse 4, 5th floor
Begin: 12.04.2021
End: 12.07.2021

Welcome to the Lecture on "Radiation Protection for Medical Applications: Physical, Legal, Practical Aspects"  in the Summer Term 2021 !

Please note that the lecture will take place remotely in digital form. Please register on the LSF as soon as possible that we can provide you with the necessary connection details.

The lecture will be given until further notice at the nominal time remotely via ZOOM. All registered participants will receive an email with instructions on how to join.

The presentation material (slides) will be made available on the course website always already before the lecture. The pdf files will be password-protected, registered participants will receive the password in the introductory email.

This introductory email will be sent to all registered participants within the next 2 days. Since this is the only alternative way to communicate information: in case you will have NOT received an email with information on how to join the electronic lecture until Monday morning, April 20, please send an email notice to the lecturer at: Peter.Thirolf@lmu.de

Additional information: the student representatives approached us with the offer to support students in organising themselves in virtual study groups. The student representatives offer to put students in contact with virtual study groups if required. In this case you can contact gaf@fs.lmu.de.

Content of the Lecture:

 - Introduction - Radiation Physics Basics  - International Framework for Radiation Protection

 - Radiation Protection in Germany - Role of the Medical Physics Expert

 - Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation Exposure

 - Natural Radiation and Radiation Risk Assessment

 - Radiation Risk during Pregnancy - Practical Radiation Protection Zones and Contamination Handling

 - Radiation Protection Equipment  and Nuclear Safeguards

 - Radiological Accidents and Accident Prevention in Radiotherapy 

 - Handling and Storage of Radioactive Components and Waste

 - Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

 - Radiation Protection in Brachytherapy

 - Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy

 - Secondary Radiation and Shielding Design for Accelerator-based Facilities

 - Radiation Protection for Space Missions

Recommended Literature:

 - James E. Turner, Atoms, Radiation and Radiation Protection, Wiley VCH

 - Jürgen Kiefer, Strahlen und Gesundheit, Wiley VCH  (in German)

 - Nilsson, Bo N., Exercises with Solutions in Radiation Physics, de Gruyter open, https://www.degruyter.com/viewbooktoc/product/460840

 - Hans-Gerrit Vogt, Jan-Willem Vahlbruch, Grundzüge des praktischen Strahlenschutzes, Hanser, 2019 (in German)

 - Jan-Willem Vahlbruch, Hans-Gerrit Vogt, Fit für den technischen Strahlenschutz, Hanser 2019, 200 Aufgaben zum sicheren Umgang mit Quellen ionisierender Strahlung, berücksichtigt StrlSchV/StrlSchG Stand 2019  (exercises, in German)

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