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T_M1/TV: Advanced Statistical Physics (Statistical Physics II) – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Monday 10-12 c.t.
Friday 10-12 c.t.

You should have received the zoom link for the lecture at your campus email address if you signed up for the lecture via LSF


  • 20.04.21: You will receive zoom links for the tutorials by email, until 24 hours before the first scheduled meeting. If you haven't received the links until then, please contact us bny email to make sure you receive it in time.
  • 20.04.21: In case you need to find the email address of your tutor, look it up here.  
  • 20.04.21: Tutorials will *not* be video recorded. Parts of the central excercise where the solutions are presented, will most likely be video recorded, but there will be a Q&A round at the end which will *not* be video recorded.
  • 20.04.21: Please note: A small mistake in the figure of Problem1 (Sheet 1) has been corrected: now the coordination number z is the same, as it should, for all sites. 
  • 14.04.21: Tutors will provide each of you (via your lsf email address) with a personal link to a nextcloud folder, to use for handing in tutorials. Regular tutorials start on Wed. Apr. 21. You will receive the zoom link in advance via lsf-email.
  • 14.04.21: The first central exercise will take place on Wed. Apr. 21 (with a brief repition of stat. phys. concepts). The first solution of sheet 1 will be presented in the central exercise on Wed. Apr. 28.
  • 14.04.21: All tutorial / exercise classes have been assigned, everyone should have received an email with the result.
  • 11.04.21: If you want to attend the tutorials/exercise classes and hand in problem sheets, please register in the LSF until TUESDAY 13/04 MIDNIGHT so that we can allocate on Wednesday.
  • 11.04.21: Note: There are some conflicting statements about the time-slot of tutorial group 3 in LSF. Group 3 will take place Thursdays 8-10.
  • 11.04.21: All Tutorials and the central excercise sessions will start in the week of April 19. You will receive zoom links in advance. 

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