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Seminar on Computational Systems Biology – Overview


Erwin Frey (LMU Physics)
Eduardo Mendoza (LMU Physics & UPD Mathematics)
Ralf Zimmer (LMU Bioinformatics)

About the lecture

Time and place

Thursday at 17:30 in room N110 (Schellingstrasse)


The goal of this seminar is to introduce graduate students and researchers in (Bio)physics, Mathematics and (Bio)informatics to representative modelling approaches for biological networks. Case studies will focus on signal transduction networks. Although the seminar will have a computational focus, it also hopes to attract interested experimentalists, especially biologists and biochemists.

Seminar structure

The seminar will consist of three parts, each part will begin with an overview tutorial of the method used.

Part 1: Quantitative (deterministic) models with ODE’s (E. Mendoza)
Part 2: Qualitative models with Petri Nets and similar approaches (R. Zimmer)
Part 3: Stochastic models (E. Frey)

Part 1 will focus on ODE-models in “power law” form, in particular through Biochemical Systems Theory (BST) models. Examples are S-Systems and GMA models. Most ODE systems can be transformed in a canonical way into such forms (Voit and Savageau, 1989).

Tentative schedule of lectures