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T6 Condensed Matter Field Theory (WS 2006/2007) – Übersicht

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Dozent: Prof. Dr. Jan von Delft


Datum Skript Thema  
15.10.06 pdf Introduction; classical phonons
18.10.06 pdf Functional analysis, variational principles, quantum phonons
23.10.06 pdf Canonical field quantization
24.10.06 pdf Noether's theorem
31.10.06 pdf Applications of 2nd quantization: free electron model, tight-binding models, bandstructure of graphene
07.11.06 pdf Bandstructure of graphene, continued
07.11.06 pdf 1-D interacting fermions
08.11.06 pdf 1-D interacting fermions (continued)
15.11.06 pdf Path integrals: introduction
21.11.06 pdf Free 1-D fermion and boson correlators
22.11.06 pdf Bosonization identity
22.11.06 pdf Problem Set: Operator Identities
28.11.06 pdf 1d density-density correlators (Pustilnik)
28.11.06 pdf Pustilnik Talk: Curvature and Interaction Effects for 1D Fermions
29.11.06 pdf Boson Coherent States; Grassmann Variables
05.12.06 pdf Fermion Coherent States
06.12.06 pdf Summary of Properties of Bosonic and Fermionic Coherent States
06.12.06 pdf ) Functional integral for many-body partition function
12.12.06 pdf Functional integral evaluation of noninteracting partition function
13.12.06 pdf Correlation functions from functional integral; Wick's theorem
19, 20, 22.12.06 pdf Analytic Properties of Green's Functions (typed notes, somewhat more extensive than material presented in lecture)
9.01.07 pdf Perturbation Theory I: Introductory aspects phi-4 theory
10.01.07 pdf Perturbation Theory II: Interacting Electron Gas
10.01.07 pdf Perturbation Theory III: Random Phase Approximation, screening
16.01.07 pdf Infinite-order-expansions: Dyson, Bethe-Salpeter equations; large-N limit in phi-4 theory
17.01.07 pdf RPA via Functional Integrals
23.01.07 pdf Coulomb Blockade (a la Kamenev, Gefen)
24.01.07 pdf Interplay between Coulomb Blockade and Exchange (a la Kiselev, Gefen)
31.01.07 pdf Bose Einstein Condensation; spontaneous symmetry breaking
06.02.07 pdf Superconductivity: Landau-Ginsburg Theory
07.02.07 pdf Meissner Effect, Anderson-Higgs mechanism