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Lunch Seminar: Soft Matter and Biophysics – Übersicht

  • Übersicht

Doris Heinrich, Thomas Franosch

Each Tuesday at 12:00
Seminar Room N110 (Schellingstrasse)

For speaker suggestions, please contact Doris Heinrich or Thomas Franosch.

  • Di, 27.10.2009
    Delphine Arcizet (LMU)
    Contact-controlled amoeboid motility: from random walk to topophoresis


  • Di, 03.11.2009
    Javier G. Fernández (Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology)
    Chitosan and Meso-scale self-assembly: Approaches for 3D Microfabrication in Biomedicine


  • Di, 10.11.2009
    Thilo Gross (MPI für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden)
    A homoclinic route to full cooperation on adaptive networks


  • Di, 17.11.2009
    Joachim Dzubiella (TUM)
    Modeling of water and ions at (bio)interfaces


  • Di, 24.11.2009
    Title tba


  • Di, 01.12.2009
    Kajetan Bentele (HU Berlin)
    The Role of Translational Coupling in Robustness of Bacterial Chemotaxis


  • Di, 08.12.2009
    Eike Friedrichs (TU München)
    Synthetic Transcriptional Circuits


  • Di, 15.12.2009
    Christophe Jung (LMU München)
    Visualizing single-molecule diffusion in mesoporous materials


  • Di, 22.12.2009
    Thomas Heuser (Brandeis University)
    How do algae swim? Answers by 3D cryo electron microscopy


  • Di, 12.01.2010
    Dave Morse (University of Minnesota)
    Correlations in disordered block copolymers, beyond the random phase approximation


  • Di, 19.01.2010
    Jan Kurzidim (TU Wien)
    Title tba


  • Di, 26.01.2010
    Volker Schaller (TUM)
    Active fluids - Pattern formation on macroscopic scales


  • Di, 02.02.2010
    Dirk Metzler (LMU)
    Efficient parameter estimation in population genetic models of complex demography


  • Di, 09.02.2010