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Lunch Seminar: Soft Matter and Biophysics – Übersicht

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Each Tuesday at 12:00
Seminar Room N110 (Schellingstrasse)

For speaker suggestions, please contact Tim Liedl and Ulrich Gerland.

  • Di, 03.05.2011
    Carsten Rohr (LMU, Walther-Meißner-Institut)
    Rules of molecular Self-Organization: Emergence, Control and Predictability
  • Di, 10.05.2011
    Jorn Dunkel (University of Cambridge)
    Hydrodynamics of microorganisms
  • Di, 17.05.2011
    Gasper Tkacik (I.S.T. Austria, Wien)
    Information theory in biological signaling & Optimizing information flow in biological networks
  • Do, 24.05.2011
  • Di, 31.05.2011
  • Di, 07.06.2011
    Jan Neumann
    Computer simulations of protein-protein interactions and THz driving of molecular rotors on gold
  • Di, 21.06.2011
    Farzad Sekhavati (LMU)
    see microlife with invisible tweezers
  • Di, 28.06.2011
    Kai Hodeck (TU Berlin)
    Investigation of interfacial water using soft X-ray spectroscopy
  • Di, 05.07.2011
    Thomas Franke (Universität Augsburg)
    Cells, vesicles and drops in microfluidic environment
  • Di, 12.07.2011
    Thomas Surrey (Cancer Research UK London, Research Inst. Lincoln's Fields Lab.)
    Motor Proteins in Microtubule Overlapsa
  • Di, 19.07.2011
    Ute C. Vothknecht (LMU) entfällt wegen Krankheit
    Calcium-Signaling in Plants: How one ion regulates a multitude of cellular processes
  • Di, 26.07.2011
    Florian Huber (Universität Leipzig)
    Counterion-induced phase of regular actin bundle networks