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Quantum Matter (WS 2010/2011) – Lecture


Lecture Notes

Date Notes Subject  
19.10.10 pdf Electron interference I: Aharonov-Bohm effect, observation in mesoscopic rings
21.10.10 pdf Electron interference II: Weak localization, AB-Interferometry of Quantum Dot
26.10.10 pdf Quantum Information Processing I ( Mermin Lecture Notes)
28.10.10 pdf Quantum Information Processing II: Quantum Parallelism: Deutsch algorithm, Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm
02.11.10 pdf Second Quantisation I
04.11.10 Second Quantisation II
09.11.10 pdf Superconductivity I: variational BCS ground state
11.11.10 pdf Superconductivity II: gap equation, condensation energy
16.11.10 pdf Superconducting Qubits I: Charge Qubits
18.11.10 pdf Superconducting Qubits II: Circuit QED
23.11.10 pdf Spin-Boson-Model I: Bloch equations, T1-time from golden rule
25.11.10 pdf Spin-Boson-Model II: Adiabatic renormalization
30.11.10 pdf Quantum Dots I: Readout and manipulation of single spins
02.12.10 pdf Quantum Dots II: Kondo Effect
07.12.10 pdf Quantum Dots III: Anderson Model, Schrieffer-Wolff transformation
09.12.10 pdf Quantum Dots IV: Kondo exciton
14.12.10 pdf Nanomechanics I: classical thermal noise
16.12.10 pdf Nanomechanics I: quantum noise
21.12.10 pdf Bell Inequalities
11.01.11 pdf Cold Atoms I: Bose-Einstein condensation I
11.01.11 pdf Cold Atoms I: Bose-Einstein condensation II: order parameter
13.01.11 pdf Cold Atoms II: Time-of-flight measurements; interference of two independent condensates
18.01.11 pdf Cold Atoms III: Optical lattices: superfluid-Mott-transition
20.01.11 pdf Cold Atoms IV: Collapse and revival of wave function
20.01.11 pdf Cold Atoms V: Feshbach resonance
25.01.11 pdf Numerics I: Numerical renormalization group (NRG); Matrix product states (MPS), Density-matrix renormalization group (DMRG)
27.01.11 pdf Numerics II: time-dependent DMRG (tDMRG)
01.02.11 pdf Raman scattering I: golden rule to second order
03.02.11 Raman scattering II: light-matter coupling, quantization of light field
10.02.11 pdf Graphene
18.02.11 pdf Hints for Exam (18.2.2011, 15:00 - 18:00, Theresienstr. 37, Room 450)
!! Note that the time for exam has been changed to Friday, 18.2.2011, 15:00 - 18:00 !!