Fakultät für Physik




T: Quantum Mechanics 2 – Exam


Exam results are online now (here). "Scheine" can be picked up at our secretary's office  (Mon-thursday, 8:30am-1pm) AFTER Monday March 12!


The exam will take place on

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012, 7:45-12h

FIRST letter of last name A-L and T:
B138 Theresienstr. 39

FIRST letter of last name M-S,U-Z:
S005, Schellingstr. 3

Klausureinsicht/ post-exam review:

Tuesday, March 6th, 10am-12pm (room C123, Theresienstr. 41)


The exam will be four hours (240mins). Please make sure to be there and seated at 7:45 am!

Auxiliary material will not be permitted, i.e., you may not bring books, handwritten notes, calculators, electronic device of any kind, etc.

Please bring writing utensils, ID, and student ID; the paper will be provided.

You'll also need to bring the "Schein", to be downloaded from
and fill in all your information and the title of the course.