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T6: Computational strong field QED – Overview



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About the lecture

Time and place

Thursday: 12 - 14 c.t. Theresienstr. 37 in A249
Friday: 10 - 12 c.t. Theresienstr. 37 in A449




  • Introduction into Scientific programming.
  • Classical transport theory.
  • Classical radiation.
  • Numerical methods: The classical regime.
  • QED in strong external fields.
  • Quantum transport theory.
  • Numerical methods: The quantum realm.


Useful literature

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  • Numerical Recipes in C++, ISBN-10 0-521-75033-4
  • L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz, Physikalische Kinetik, ISBN 3-05-50063-3
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  • P. Zhuang and U. Heinz, Relativistic Qunatum Transport Theory for Electrodynamics, Annals of Physics 245, 311-338 (1996) and references



There is also a seminar on topics closely related to the lecture:
Thursday 16 - 18 c.t. Theresienstr. 37 in A249.