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T: Quantum Mechanics 2 – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Mon 10-12h, Theresienstr. 39, B 052
Fri 10-12h, Theresienstr. 39, B 052


  • First lecture: Mon, Oct 15


Professor: L. Pollet
Room: A405
Phone: 089 / 2180-4593
Email: Lode.Pollet@physik.uni-muenchen.de


Advanced topics of quantum mechanics:
Foundations of quantum mechanics, theory of operators, advanced perturbation and scattering theory, symmetries, periodic systems, few-particle systems, angular momentum, many-particle systems, 2nd quantization, Dirac equation

Useful literature

  • R. Shankar, Principles of Quantum Mechanics
  • G. Baym, Lectures on Quantum Mechanics
  • Sakurai, Modern Quantum Mechanics
  • Cohen-Tannoudji, Diu, Laloe: Quantenmechanik
  • Peres: Quantum Theory, Concepts and Methods
  • Thirring: Lehrbuch der Mathematischen Physik: 3 Quantenmechanik
  • Bransden & Joachain, Physics of Atoms and Molecules
  • Altland & Simons, Condensed Matter Field Theory
  • Reed & Simon: Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics
  • Greiner: Quantenmechanik Symmetrien

Crediting of the course

The course will be credited when the written exam at the end of the course is passed successfully. Details will be announced in due time.

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