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Seminar: Physics of Evolution – Übersicht

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As minimal conditions for the emergence of an evolutionary dynamics, the three processes replication, mutation, and selection are needed. How can such an evolutionary dynamics emerge spontaneously with molecules under non-equilibrium conditions? Besides this main interest, we will also focus on game theoretical topics and related biophysical questions.

Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Fr. 10.15-12.00
U123 Schellingstr. 4

Papers will include Game theory, Sutherland-Papers, supercritical CO2, Spiegelman, Artificial Translation,Entropic DNA machines, Replicative DNA Origami, Calculations of Molecule Stability, Network RNA-Papers, Newest RNA Replicator etc.

Prof. Dieter Braun
(email: dieter.braun@lmu.de)

18.10. Initial meeting
25.10. Ziga Avsec: 8 => Replaced by Christof Mast: 3+4
1.11. Public Holiday
8.11. Daniel Rahner: 5
15.11. Salome Mielke: 19
22.11. Korbinian Schreiber: 20
29.11. Leonhard Wachutka: 9
6.12. Achim Löf: 12
13.12. Joaquin Gutierrez: 14
20.12. Elisabeth Rieper: 16 or 17
10.1. Moritz Zehl: 18
17.1. Georg Urtel: Predator-Prey dynamics with DNA Hairpins
24.1. Ziga Avsec: 8
31.1. Philipp Schwarz: 13
7.2. Julian Stein: 10

How do I find and access papers?- Login via VPN to gain full text access (most of the time...)- Search papers with data base Web of Science (with VPN), Pubmed.org or Scholar.google.com

Topics (ZIP of all PDFs, 44MB)
1. Synthetic Evolution in Microfluidics
2. Replication with Transfer RNA
3. Hydrothermal Accumulation and Replication Trap
4. Escalation of Polymerization in a Trap
5. Snowdrift Games with Yeast
6. RNA Evolution overview
7. Perlocation-Theorie / [Backup: Rock-Paper-Scissor, oder neuere Frey Paper]
8. Thermophoresis: Basics and Applications
9. New Pathway to RNA Synthesis
10. Microfluidics for Supercritical Fluids
11. The Spiegelman Monster
12. Entropic DNA Machines
13. Replication with DNA Tiles
14. Liquid Crystal state of DNA
15. Ribozyme experiments
16. Thermodynamic Energy of Molecules from Scratch
17. Towards Chemical Translation
18. Fitness Landscapes of small RNA
19. Increasing the compositional complexity of ancient RNA
20. Theoretical Evolution: evolutionary learning, positive backaction
21. RNA synthesis in ice (PDFs not yet included)