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T: Quantum Mechanics 2 – Exercise

The exercises consist of two parts: the central exercise and the exercise groups (aka tutorials).

In the central exercise the solutions to the weekly exercises will be discussed. It takes place on Mon, 12pm - 2pm in room B139 and will be given by Dr. Lev Vidmar.

In the exercise groups hints and additional information for the problem sheets will be provided. You can work there on the problems as well as ask questions to the assistants. There are at the moment 4 exercise groups

Group I: Wed, 14-16, C113, begin 23/10 (Wei Li)
Group II: Wed, 16-18, A 449, begin 23/10 (Dario Hügel)
Group III: Wed, 18-20, A 348, begin 23/10 (Zi Cai)
Group IV: Fri, 8-10, A 248, begin 25/10 (M. Raczkowski)

Registration for the exercises is mandatory. The registration via LSF (nr 17118 Übungen zu T_M1/TV: Fortgeschrittene Theoretische Physik (Quantum Mechanics II)) is now open till Tue Oct 22.

There is no need to hand in the exercises and they will not be graded.

List of Problems:

Schematic solutions of the Problems: