Fakultät für Physik




Seminar: Special Models and Methods in Statistical Physics – Materials

Seminar 12: 1D adsorption-desorption processes (RSA and car parking problem); Johannes Nübler

  • Summary of the lecture

  • Notes on the nonadiabiticity in the approach to steady state in the 1D adsorption-desorption process (car parking problem)

Seminar 11: Spatial coupling in nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems; Jacob Halatek

  • Summary of the lecture upon request

Seminar 10: Spatially extended May-Leonard model (rock-paper-scissors); Johannes Knebel

Seminar 9: Totally asymmetric simple exclusion process (TASEP), exact solution via matrix product ansatz; Matthias Rank

Seminar 8: Stochastic field theory and the two-particle annihilation process A+A->0; Markus Weber

Seminar 7: Directed percolation; Markus Weber

Seminar 6: XY-model continued; Silke Bergeler and Cornelius Weig

  • Additional information on the Potts model, on the Clock model, and on long-range order.
  • Slides for the XY model in 2D (pdf and keynote)
  • For material on percolation, see Seminar 7.

Seminar 5: Overview O(n) model and Potts model, Mermin-Wagner theorem, XY-model; Silke Bergeler

Seminar 4: Ising model in 2D continued (transfer matrix method); Johannes Knebel

Seminar 3: Ising model in 1D and 2D (transfer matrix method); Johannes Knebel

Seminar 2: Techniques to numerically simulate equilibrium processes, phenomenology of the Ising model in 2D; Cornelius Weig

Seminar 1: Statistical Physics -- an overview about equilibrium and nonequilibrium processes; Erwin Frey