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TVI/TMP-TC1: General Relativity – News

Final results

Final grades for the course will be submitted by the end of the week. Students wishing to discuss their exam scores should see T. Erler or V. Emelyanov by Feb 20th.

Exam score

The exam scores have been posted. Please find your score listed according to the M.nummer here. Official grades have not yet been awarded. If you feel there is a problem with your score, or if you wish to inspect your exam, please see T. Erler or V. Emelyanov.

Additional information on the exam

Students will be allowed to bring and use any handwritten notes in the exam.

Exam and tutorials

Upon the suggestion of Prof. Mukhanov, students are no longer required to present two tutorial problems in order to take the exam. However, students who have presented two problems in the tutorial will receive 50 percent of missed points on the exam in addition to their bare score.

Date for the final exam

The final exam is scheduled to be held on the last day of lecture, Feb. 7 2014.

Tutorial session on Jan 6th

The tutorial session for Group 3 on Monday, Jan 6th has been cancelled due to holiday. Group 3 will resume on Monday, Jan 13th with problem set number 10.

New tutorial group

Tutorial session 2 has been cancelled. Moreover, there is a new tutorial group on Thursdays 12-2 pm at room 020 (Amalienstr. 73a).