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TV: Advanced Quantum Mechanics – Tutorials

The lecture notes are partly password protected. You will get access with your Campus-account (please login without "@campus.lmu.de"). If you don't have an account yet, you can get one at the student computer pool.

Exercise sheets


Group 1

Monday at 16 - 18 c.t. in A248 (Theresienstraße 37)

Instructor: Luca Mattiello

Group 2

Tuesday at 12 - 14 c.t. in A248 (Theresienstraße 37)

Instructor: Sebastian Konopka

Group 3

Wednesday at 12 - 14 c.t. in A348 (Theresienstraße 37)

Instructor: Igor Bertan

Group 4

Friday at 08 - 10 c.t. in A248 (Theresienstraße 37)

Instructor: Dr. Evgeny Skvortsov

Group 5

Friday at 14 - 16 c.t. in A248 (Theresienstraße 37)

Instructor: Antonis Stylogiannis


Monday at 12 - 14 c.t. in B139 (Theresienstraße 39)

NOTE: The sample solutions above only represent sketches and there is no guarantee for their correctness.

Rules of the bonus sytem

During the tutorials it is possible to present solutions to the problem sheets in order to obtain a bonus for the exam. There can be at most three persons for one problem sheet and priority will be given to those students who presented less solutions. It is possible to present in different tutorials, but points can only be earned once for a problem set.

Depending on your presentation you will be awarded 0, 1/2 or 1 points. In order to qualify for the bonus you need at least 1/2 points for each of your presentations. You are allowed to collect at most 2 points during the whole semester. Each point is worth 5% of the total number of points in the exam.