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TVI/TMP-TC1: General Relativity – News

The End

The final grades for Mukhanov's relativity course can be found here.

Update on Exam Results

There have been some corrections to the exam scores and grade assignments. Look to see if you find any problems with your results.

Scores and Exam Solution

The exams have been scored and the tutorial bonuses tallied. The results can be found here. Students who wish to inspect their exam, or see other problems with the score sheet, should see one of the tutors before March 14th, when the results will be submitted to the appropriate institutional authorities. The solutions manual for the exam can be found here.

Exam materials

At Prof. Mukhanov's insistence, students are now allowed to bring only one
A4 sheet of formulas into the exam.


Tutorial sessions will not be held the week of February 1st.


The 6th of January is technically still holiday. Therefore this tutorial session will be cancelled.

Holiday Tutorial Schedule

Problem sheet 10 will be covered on Monday Dec 21 2015, and after holidays on Thursday Jan 7 2016


The final exam is scheduled on the 17th of February 2016 from 10:00-14:00. Location will be room B 139 Theresienstr. 39.

Exam scheduling

We need to fix a date for the exam. To minimize conflicts, T. Erler has posted a mini-callendar outside his door listing possible exam dates on the two weeks following the final lecture (8th-19th of February). Each student is invited to mark the callendar once on each date where they have a conflict. At most one mark per date per student, please. Also, please mark the callender by Monday 14 December. From this data, the tutors will try to schedule an appropriate room on the most convenient date.

Date of the first lecture

The first lecture is scheduled 16 October 2015