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T: Quantum Mechanics II – News

Topics to be covered (non-exhaustive list):

  • Time dependent perturbation theory
  • Scattering
  • Second Quantisation
  • Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Link to lecture notes on Quantum Mechanics by John McGreevy.

In the beginning we will discuss the GHZM experiment, for which you can find a lecture by Sidney Coleman here (if you don't use Adobe's flash player, you may download the video here).

Some notes for the lectures on November 21 and 25, which are based on chapter 13 in

   Gordon Baym, Lectures on Quantum Mechanics, Benjamin Cummings (1969),

of which various reprints exist.

On 10-12 January 2017, Professor Nathan Seiberg will give the Sommerfeld Lecture Series at LMU.

Notes for the lecture of December 23 can be found here