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Physics of Complex Systems – Exercises

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Spare Slot for the Lecture (only after announcement)

  • Wed. 8:30-10 c.t., Theresienstr. 37, A 348

Supplementary Material Class (only after announcement, check the News page)

  • Wed. 14-16 c.t., A 450

Exercise Classes

Begin: 18.10.2017, End: 09.02.2018

  • Thu. 14-16 c.t., A 450,
  • Fr. 12-14  c.t., A 450,
  • Fr. 14-16  c.t., A 449

Exercise sheets

Please hand in the sheets on Mondays before 2pm (unless stated otherwise on the sheet) in the boxes at the third floor of the south stairwell (right by the lecture room A348). Mathematica code should be sent by email, also before 2pm.


Tutors: Raphaela Geßele, Florian Gartner, Korbinian PöppelAndriy Goychuk

Organizers: Manon Wigbers, Jacob Halatek, Fridtjof Brauns