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TVI/TMP-TA1: Theoretical Solid State Physics – Lecture notes

Note: no lecture on Feb. 8th, but a Q&A session on Feb. 15th instead!

Notes in pdf format can be downloaded here after each lecture:

Date PDF Topics
17.10. lec1 introduction
19.10. lec2 lattice structures, x-ray scattering
24.10. lec3 lattice vibrations, phonons
26.10. lec4 thermodynamics of phonons
2.11. lec5 thdyn. cont'd, neutron scattering
7.11. lec6 dynamical structure factor
9.11. lec7 Sommerfeld theory of metals
14.11. lec8 Bloch's theorem, band structure
16.11. lec9 tight binding model, Wannier states
21.11. lec10 metals, band insulators, semiconductors
23.11. lec11 topological insulators
28.11. lec12 Fermi liquid theory
30.11. lec13 2nd quantization
5.12. lec14 Hartree-Fock
7.12. lec15 Hartree-Fock cont'd, screening, DFT
12.12. lec16 DFT cont'd, electron transport
14.12. lec17 Boltzmann equation, impurity scattering
19.12. lec18 Boltzmann cont'd, phonon scattering
9.1. lec19 linear response formalism
11.1. lec20 Kramers-Kronig, dielectric function
16.1. lec21 dia- and paramagnetism
18.1. lec22 Landau diamag., collective magnetism
23.1. lec23 Heisenberg model, mean-field theory
25.1. lec24 magnons, Ginzburg-Landau theory
30.1. lec25 fluctuations, Ginzburg-Landau-Wilson
1.2. lec26 superconductivity: BCS theory
6.2. lec27 BCS cont'd