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TVI/TMP-TC3: QFT in Curved Space – News

Exam review

Due to the impossibility to conduct the review of the exam last Friday, it will now take place on Wednesday, 31.01.2018 between 15:00-17:00 in A330.

Results of the exam

The results of the exam are online and can be found here. The review will be on Friday 26.01.2018 right after the lecture in QFTCS in the same lecture hall. Please bring your I.D. and student card. Those who did not agree to have the results published can come to A330 every afternoon until next Friday.

Information on the tutorials

In order to ensure that the students have enough time to study for the final exam, there will be no tutorial sessions during the week 15th-21st January. From the week after, the tutorial sessions will be repristinated to full extent until the week 5th-11th January. This also includes the possibility to still gather the needed bonus points for those students who didn't reach the threshold yet.

The exercise sheet due to the week 22nd-28th January will be published online on Friday the 19th January and will contain the problems posed at the final exam. We will discuss the solutions at the tutorial sessions. As already said, there exists the possibility for the students to present parts of the solution.


Information on the exam

The final exam will be held Friday, 19th January 2018 at 14 - 18 s.t. in A348 (Theresienstrasse 37). The exam lasts 3 hours and the only allowed resources are a calculator and a pen. Please bring your I.D. and student card.


  • The topics in the exam will include everything covered in the lectures including the lecture on Friday, the 12th January.

Change of tutorial session

The tutorial session of Wednesday 10-12 in room A249 (Theresienstr. 37) from now on starts at 10 sharp. If there is any complaint about this, please send an email to Katrin Hammer.

First tutorial session

The first tutorial session takes place on Thursday, November 2. Due to vacation it will be the only tutorial offered that week.