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TVI/TMP-TC3: QFT in Curved Space – Tutorials

Exercise sheets


  • Tung Tran: Tuesday 12-14 c.t., B139 (Theresienstr. 39)
  • Katrin Hammer: Wednesday 10-11:30 s.t., A249 (Theresienstr. 37)
  • Igor Bertan: Thursday 12-14 c.t., C113 (Theresienstr. 41)


The exercise sheets will be uploaded on Tuesdays. Solving the exercise sheets is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended. However, you can collect 0 to 1 points by presenting the solution to an exercise during the tutorials, depending on your performance. Reaching 2 points at the end of the semester raises your final grade by 0.3-0.4. You are not allowed to present the same solution twice in different tutorials. Priority is given to those students who did not present yet. Bear in mind that the bonus is only valid if you pass the exam.