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Generation of High Intensity Laser Pulses – Tutorial

Exercise sheets

Dates for the oral exam:

13. Feb 14:00 Jannis S 15:00 Erwin D 16:00 Available 17:00 Available
14. Feb 14:00 Jakob T 15:00 Liv M 16:00 Katinka G 17:00 Available
20. Mär 14:00 Johannes B 15:00 Johannes Z 16:00 Moritz S 17:00 Petra M
21. Mär 14:00 Lukas L 15:00 Daniel B 16:00 Maximilian M 17:00 Maximilian H


If you want to take the exam, please write an E-mail to Andreas Döpp (by the 1st of February 2018 at the latest) specifying which date and time you prefer.

The exam takes place in the CALA control room.


The Labtour starts at 14 c.t.