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Relativistic transport theory – Overview



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About the lecture

Time and place

Thuesday 10:15 h - 11:45 h, Thursday 10:15 - 11:45 h ,Theresienstr. 37, room A 450

General information

The lecture yields 9 ETCS credits. In the first part of the lecture the concepts of classical many body dynamics are investigated. Next, coupled effective s-body Schroedinger equations are derived for arbitrary spin statistics. With the help of the Born approximation quantum Boltzmann equations are obtained. In the relativistic case elementary aspects of interacting time dependent quantum fields are discussed. The concept of Wigner operators is introduced. With the help of collision expansions and elimination procedures relativistic transport equations are derived, where complex scalar quantum fields are taken for simplicity. In a second step gauge fields and gauge covariant Wigner operators for spinor fields are introduced. The gauge fields are treated as classical fields. For appropriate assumptions ordinary equations of motion for electrons and positrons can be obtained. If time permits the properties of the nonlinear quantum vacuum are be discussed.


  • Classical transport theory
  • Quantum transport theory
  • Relativistic quantum transport theory
  • Relativistic quantum transport theory and classical radiation fields 
  • Equations of motion and radiation reaction
  • If time permits: Electrodynamic vacuum and nonlinear Maxwell equations


ECTS credit points can be collected by attending the lecture courses and by passing an oral exam.

Literature physics part

  • T. Fliesbach: Mechanik
  • F. Kuypers: Klassische Mechanik
  • F. Mandl, G. Shaw: Quantum Field Theory
  • C. Itzykson, J. B. Zuber: Quantum Field Theory
  • L. D. Landau, E. M. Lifshitz: Physikalische Kinetik
  • S. R. de Groot, W. A. van Leeuwen, Ch. G. van Weert: Relativistic Kinetic Theory
  • M. Bonitz, Quantum Kinetic Theory