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Master Seminar: Mechanobiology – Übersicht

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Seminar: Mechanobiology Master

Liebe Studentinnen und Studenten, das Seminar ist ausgebucht. Wir können leider keine weiteren Anmeldungen mehr berücksichtigen!

Prof. Hermann Gaub, Prof. Claudia Veigel
Organisation: Dr. Carleen Kluger

Seminar: 3 SWS, 3 ECTS
Participants: Max. 15 Physics Master Students
Meeting: Monday, 22nd of October 11:00
Seminar room Gaub, 1st floor,
Amalienstr. 54

Date: January 2019 (1 day)


This special seminar which will introduce advanced Master’s students into topics connected with Mechanobiology. We will discuss the scientific and technological foundations of mechanobiology and also cover recent research topics. Each student prepares a 30 min talk on one of the topics listed below, the presentation will take place in a one-day workshop in January.

A first meeting will take place on Monday, 22nd of October 11:00 at the Gaub Chair. Please write carleen.kluger@physik.uni-muenchen.de in order to register for the seminar.


- Biomechanics vs. Mechanobiology: Overview and nomenclature
- Cytoskeleton: Actin – Microtubule – Intermediate Filaments
- Muscle Biology
- Titin
- Titin Kinase
- Molecular Motors: Kinesin – Dynein
- Molecular Motors: Myosins - muscle contraction, intracellular transport, hearing
- Molecular Motors: Flagellum
- AFM Force Spectroscopy
- Statistical Mechanics of Bond Rupture
- Steered MD Simulations
- Magnetic Tweezers
- Optical Tweezers
- Intracellular Tension Sensors
- Extracellular Tension Sensors
- Traction Force Microscopy