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Lab course: Science with electronics – Arduino

1) We have two sets, one is the Arduino starter set the other one is the Arduino KIT workshop (base level). The starter set comes with a book.

2) Install the Arduino desktop IDE on your PC. The software works for windows and linux, so chose as you like. Instruction are  here.

3) Work through the basics experiments to get familiar with your Arduino. Document your experiments in a short lab report.

4) In the lab we will use the Arduino to read in voltage signals and send then to the PC for post processing. For this you wil need Analog In Out Serial. Write a program that sends a potentiometer setting to the serial port or the serial monitor every 0.1s for 10s and find a way to display these values with you favorite plotting programm.


For the lab class, we need an Adarfruit motor shield to drive the DC or stepper motor for linear translation. We have the Adafruit motor shield v2.3. Therefore, you have to physically install the motor shield on your Arduino and the Adafruit library on your PC, see instructions. (Note: after download and unziping, you have to delete the subdirectory .github since it creates warnings in the Arduino IDE). Test with a simple DC motor first, which is part of the starter set.