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Seminar: Topics in String Compactifications and their Experimental Signatures – Overview

  • Overview

This seminar is offered by Dr. Sven Krippendorf and Prof. Dr. Dieter Lüst.

Organizational Meeting: 15.10.2019 16-18 (A348, Theresienstr. 37)

Times for talks: Friday 6.12.2019 14-18.30 (N110); Monday 9.12.2019 13-18.30 (A450)

The aim of this seminar is to discuss contemporary topics in confronting string theory with experiments. The topics are chosen broadly and hence allow an independent preparation.

6.12. N110 (Geschwister-Scholl/Schellingstr)
14-15: Non compact throat solutions
15-16: Flux Compactifications and GKP
16.30-17.30: KKLT and LVS
17.30-18.30: Distance Conjecture

9.12. Theresienstr. A450
13-14: de Sitter in String Theory
14-15: D-brane inflation
15.30-16.30: Axions in String Theory
16.30-17.30: Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Strings
17.30-18.30: Gravitational Waves from Phase Transitions

 Slides from organisational meeting can be found here.

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