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Seminar: Selected Topics in Computational Physics – Overview



  • Assignment of topics will be on October 17th.

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General information

Location: Theresienstraße 37, A 248

Time: Thursday 14-16 c.t.

Credit points: 3 ECTS


A registration via LSF is necessary and available from September the 24th till October the 7th. Please note, that at this point we cannot guarantee participation in the seminar for capacity reasons.
This decision and assignment of topics will take place on October 17th.


A range of topics will be offered, including topics at the advanced bachelor level. This semester we focus on AI and machine learning.

 The seminar will be credited if:

  • at least one presentation is given
  • all presentations (missing 2 at most) were attended 
  • the student actively participates in discussions

Please hand in your "Schein" (certificate of participation to be submitted to the Examination Office) together with the handout you prepared for your talk in room A237 (Tue - Thu between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.).