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Seminar: Halide Perovskites for Solar Cells, LEDs, Lasers and more – Overview

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Halide Perovskites in Recent Research


About the lecture

Time and place

Donnerstag, 14:30 - 16:00 Uhr, Seminar Room Königinstr. 10 (D04.007)

The seminar covers recent research highlights in perovskites,
focusing on materials, nanocrystals, applications and devices.
This seminar addresses in particular master students, who have followed the lecture:
EM1 - Advanced Solid State Physics, but is not exclusively for these students.

Download the certificate (Schein).

1. Materials:
a) Halide Perovskite: Crystal Structure, Composition, Electronic Structre
b) Thin films: Synthesis and Properties
c) Nanocrystals: Hybrid Organic/Inroganic NCs: Overview
d) Nanocrystals: All-inorganic NCs: Overview
e) Nanocrystals: 2D Nanoplatelets
f) Layered Perovskites

2. Physics
a) Band Structure, energetic states (Transient Absorption Spectroscopy)
b) Light Emission: Mechanisms, Excitons, Efficiency
c) Energy Transfer in Perovskites
d) Charge carrier conduction
e) Exciton Diffusion
f) Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE), lasing

3. Devices
a) Solar Cells
b) LEDs
c) Lasers
d) Photodetectors
e) X-ray, gamma-ray detectors

The seminar will be credited if:

(a) a presentation is given,
(b) all presentations (missing 2 at most) have been attended,
(c) the student actively participated in discussions


Date Topic Presenter Coaches





Prof. Urban

Moritz Gramlich

14.11.19 Recombination and defect tolerance Grünewald MG
21.11.19 Stability / Nanocrystal encapsulation Apfelbeck / Martin MG
28.11.19 Solar cells / Carrier multiplication Schusser / Butler MG
05.12.19 NC Synthesis / NC LEDs and Lasing Crimman / Ederle MG
12.12.19 NC Printing / Ion migration Rank / Martin




AU Alexander Urban
MG Moritz Gramlich

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Prof. Dr. Alexander Urban