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Introduction to Nanophotonics – Overview

About the lecture

Time and place

Lecture: Tuesdays 14:00-16:00 c.t.
Tutorial: Wednesdays 14:00-16:00 c.t.
Format: Online lectures and tutorials through Zoom

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Lecture starts Nov 3rd, tutorials start Nov 11th.

Note: If you would like to attend this course, please also register in the LMU online course system at https://lsf.verwaltung.uni-muenchen.de/


Tutorials and grading

Your total grade will be composed of the grades of your exercise sheets and the grading of your electronic poster presentation. Specifically, the electronic poster presentation will make up 70% of your grade while the grades of your handed-in exercise sheets make up the remaining 30%.

The following topics of nanophotonics will be covered

  • Review of macroscopic electromagnetism, dielectric function, evanescent fields
  • Propagation, focusing, resolution and localization
  • Confined light: photonic crystals and optical microcavities
  • Confined matter: quantum effects on the electronic structure of matter
  • Dipolar interactions I: quantum emitters, single photon sources
  • Dipolar interactions II: weak and strong coupling, photonic density of states
  • Dielectric nanocavities I: Mie modes
  • Dielectric nanocavities II: bound states in the continuum
  • Molecular sensing
  • Plasmonics I: propagating surface plasmons
  • Plasmonics II: localized surface plasmons and optical antennas
  • Metamaterials and metasurfaces

In addition, selected topics of current research will be discussed.

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Ludwig Hüttenhofer