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Seminar: Numerical Methods for Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems – Overview


General Information and ECTS

This Seminar is suitable for physics students yielding 3 ECTS points for those participants that give an oral presentation. It covers numerical methods to simulate strongly correlated quantum systems. This seminar complements the topics discussed in the theoretical lecture Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems.

Acknowledgement of the gained credit points will be provided at the end of the semester in cooperation with the secretariat of the departement of theoretical nanophysics. For further information you may also contact cordula.weber@lmu.de.


The seminar is divided into focus sessions each of which covers a particular topic. A session consists of an introductory lecture (60 minutes) and a student's presentation (45+15 minutes). The scheduled sessions are listed below and will be updated throughout the semester. They are held via Zoom and interested external participants can receive an invitation after sending a participation query to sebastian.paeckel@physik.uni-muenchen.de.

Date/Time Topic Speaker Zoom-Link Material
12/09/2020 -- 5pm Exact Diagonalization Dalila Robledo Session
12/16/2020 -- 5pm Tensor Networks Andreas Burger Session Slides
01/20/2021 -- 5pm Machine Learning Simon Linsel Session Slides
02/03/2021 -- 5pm Quantum Monte Carlo Renhao Tao Session



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