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T: Statistische Mechanik II (Advanced Statistical Physics) – News

Exam results online

The results of the exam are online. Please visit the page “Exam” to see your grade.

Typo in problem set 3

In problem 1.b), the last sentence should say "Use this result to prove that the mean cluster size can be derived through the following equation..." (instead of "mean square cluster size").

Announcement of special seminar on hydrodynamics of self-propelled particles

A special seminar on hydrodynamics of self propelled particles takes place on Monday, 4-6 p.m. and Wednesday 4.15 - 7 p.m. in A010.
See the flyer for details.

Allocation of the tutorial groups

The allocation of the tutorial groups will be organized during the lecture on Thursday, April 22nd. There will be two tutorials:
  • Tue 14-16 room A010
  • Tue 16-18 room A450