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Seminar: Key Experiments in Particle Physics – Übersicht

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Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Tuesday 12-14 ct
Geschw.-Scholl-Platz 1. Room B 015

Certificates: Please download and fill the master certificate form and bring to to the seminar on July 18th.



Date Topic Presenter Coaches
09.05.17 g-2 Jonathan Lang LL, TK, SS
09.05.17 Discovery of the Higgs particle Sophie Strobl FA, LL
16.05.17 The SLAC eD experiment Mohammed Albalawi CK, SS
23.05.17 LEP results (# of neutrinos) Gerson Rodrigues HGM, LL
06.06.17 Deep inelastic scattering Liya Yi CK, SN
06.06.17 Discovery of the tau neutrino Michael Bergmann FM, SN, CK
13.06.17 Discovery of Top quark Timon Hummel TK, PL
13.06.17 Discovery of CP violation (K) Nina Wenke FM, FA, CK
04.07.17 Discovery of Charm and Tau Isabelle Stüwe SN, SS
04.07.17 Neutrinos (S-Kamiokande/SNO) Jakob Ehring SS, SN, CK
11.07.17 CP violation in the B system Keti Parlagashvili TK, PL, CK
11.07.17 Quark-Gluon-Plasma Benjamin Haser TK
18.07.17 Discovery of W and Z Pascal Schmolz HGM, FM


FA Fernando Abudinen
LL Luigi Li Gioi
CK Christian Kiesling
TK Thomas Kuhr
HGM Hans-Günther Moser
SN Sara Neuhaus
SS Sebastian Skambraks
FM Felix Müller
PL Philipp Leitl