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Simulating with Comsol and Programming Labview – Overview

  • Overview

Programming in LabView and Simulating in Comsol Multiphysics (Bio)Physicists. We offer a hands-on course on programming in Labview - e.g. experiment setups - and finite element simulations of partial differential equations with Comsol Multiphysics (aka Femlab).

Time and Location
Monday 12.30-14.00, H030 (Schelling 4)

Course is value with 3CP and aimed as a "Schlüsselqualifikation" (Bachelor or Master). The lecture is part of the the Biophysics Program of the Physics Master

-------- Please bring your own Notebook! ---------
If possible, install beforehand a most recent VirtualBox (Opensource)
on your operating system platform (Windows,Mac, Linux)

29.4. Introduction.
While installing the virtual box, overview over Labview and Comsol with a number of examples out of an experimental lab. Femlab, first steps: Wind channel, Stokes Drag of a sphere.

6.5. Mechanical Problems. Approach 2D and 3D. Solution over Time. Insulation of a Window (Coffee Mug to debug... and debugged here - I did not assign properly the material for the air area)

13.5. Colinear microfluidic mixer: coupling Navier Stokes and Diffusion (Coffee_mug_over_time)

20.5. Coffee mug

27.5. Microfluidic mixer (Comsol file)

Biophysics examples: embryo diffusion-reaction model and a thermal trap, Electrical examples: Capacitor, Resistance in 2D and 3D. Further examples: Quantum Mechanics, Hydrogen Atom,

3.6. Introduction to Igor for plotting

17.6. Introduction to LabView. Configure Useful Preferences. Basic concepts in Labview: autoIndexing, For-Loops, Array Operators. Clusters.

24.6. Buttons, Loops and Moonlanding! (Moonlanding_VI)

1.7. Random Image Example, Filenames, SubVIs, Saving VIs, Hierarchy Browser (Moon landing II)

8.7. Loading Image, Cursors, Extracting part of an image, Filenames, Select parts of an array.

15.7. Clusters, save ASCII file, load ASCII file. Controls. Fitting Introduction, 1D and 2D fit, Error calculation, ODE with Cash-Karp

22.7. Labview-Hardware: Analog input, output, Digital input, output.

How to get the "Scheine" (if not done so already at the last lecture):
Pick them up at the Schellingstraße 4 / 4th floor , please check the Office Hours.

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