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Semiconductor physics – Overview

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Semiconductor physics is a free choice 6 ECTS course addressing physics master students.

Lectures (LSF-link: 17104):
Tue. (2pm-4pm)  & Thu. (2pm-3pm), Kleiner Physikhörsaal (N020)

Tutorials (LSF-link: 17105):
Thu. (3pm-4pm), Kleiner Physikhörsaal (N020)

Content of the course:
Fundamental properties of semiconductors and semiconductor devices. Focus is on the introduction of relevant materials, in particular doped Si, GaAs heterostructures, organic semiconductors,  2D-materials, and lead halide perowskites. We introduce fundamental concepts to explain physical properties of these materials. This includes experimental characterization by electrical and optical methods and typical device applications.

Most important topics are:
Crystal lattice and band structures, optical and electronical excitations, charge separation and charge transport, transistors, photo diodes and photovoltaics, LEDs and laser diodes

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