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T6: Condensed Matter Field Theory (WS 2008/2009) – Lecture


Lecture Notes

Date Notes Subject  
14.10.08 pdf Bosonization I
17.10.08 pdf Bosonization II
21.10.08 Bosonization II continued
24.10.08 pdf Bosonization III
28.10.08 pdf Bosonization IV
31.10.08 pdf Functional Analysis Basics
04.11.08 pdf Bosonic Coherent States
11.11.08 pdf Fermionic Coherent States, Grassmann Variables
14.11.08 pdf Functional Integral for Partition Function
18.11.08 pdf Noninteracting Partition Function
21.11.08 pdf Correlators
25.11.08 pdf Interacting Electron Gas: 1. Order Perturbation Theory
pdf Interacting Electron Gas: RPA via Perturbation Theory (self-study)
pdf Infinite-Order Perturbative Expansions (self-study)
28.11.08 pdf Interacting Electron Gas: RPA via Hubbard-Stratonovich Transformation
02.12.08 RPA continued
05.12.08 pdf Tunneling Density of States for Coulomb Blockade
09.12.08 pdf Bose-Einstein Condensation; Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
12.12.08 pdf BCS-theory of Superconductivity, Landau-Ginzburg action
16.12.08 pdf BCS-theory: Goldstone mode, Higgs mechanism, Meissner effect
19.12.08 pdf Disorder I: Replica field theory, Fock self-energy
09.01.09 pdf Disorder II: crossed impurity lines, particle-hole propagator, diffuson
13.01.09 pdf Disorder II: maximally crossed diagrams, Cooperon
pdf Disorder III: Mean-field theory of matrix-field Q
16.01.09 Disorder III: Mean-field theory of matrix-field Q (continued)
20.01.09 pdf Disorder IV: Low-energy field theory -- non-linear sigma model
23.01.09 Functional Bosonization (notes will follow...)
27.01.09 pdf Functional Renormalization Group I: Generating Functionals
30.01.09 pdf Functional Renormalization Group II: Flow Equations for Gamma, gamma_0, gamma_1
03.02.09 pdf Functional Renormalization Group III: toy model