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TVI/TMP: Quantum Information Processing – Talks

Topics, Dates and Names

  • Quantum Teleportation (28.10.2009), David Bellem and Javier Enciso and Karl Wienand
  • Quantum Fourier Transform and Phase Estimation (11.11.2009), Tiago Ramalho and Jarno Van der Kolk and Dario Hügel
  • Shannon Data Compression (25.11.2009), Sebastian Thomas and Javier Carrillo
  • Schumacher/Jozsa Data Compression (09.12.2009), Sebastian Seehars and Elco Bakker
  • BBM92 Quantum Cryptography (13.01.2010), Key Weissflog and Philipp Wullstein and Georg Michna and Christian Winnerlein
  • Quantum Privacy Amplification (03.02.2010), Kosmas Kepesidis

The corresponding papers will be provided in the lecture.