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Seminar: Dynamics in Strong Fields – Schedule

The dates and times are still subject to change. We can have one or two presentations per slot!


Oct. 17

Presentation of topics


Oct. 24

Guest seminar:

A. Landsman, ETH Zurich

Oct. 31

Fixing the schedule


Nov. 7

The birth of the plasmon

Scrinzi, Speaker: M. Lupetti

Nov. 14 Adaptive particle refinement

Ruhl, Speaker: N. Moschuering

Nov. 21 The nonlinear dynamics of a rigid nano foil in a laser field

Ruhl, Speaker: K. Bamberg

Nov. 28     Radiation and pair production from rigid nano foils irradiated by a laser field

Ruhl, Speaker: C. Klier

Dec. 05

The strong-field 2 electron problem

Scrinzi, Speaker: A. Zielinski

Dec. 12 Numerical simulation of classical many electron radiation Ruhl, Speaker: C. Herzing
Dec. 19 Coherent and incoherent radiation from a laser-driven micro-synchrotron Schreiber, Speaker: D. Kiefer
Jan. 09 Photo-emission from molecules Scrinzi, Speaker: V. Majety
Jan. 16 Time resolution of tunneling Scrinzi, Speaker: C. Roca
Jan. 23 Numerical modeling of the Trident process Ruhl, Speaker: F. Deutschmann
Jan. 30 Few-body dynamics at surfaces Scrinzi, Speaker: J. Liss
Feb. 06 Numerical solution of Heisenberg-Euler equations Ruhl, Speaker: P. Boehl