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Lecture: Soft condensed matter physics (master) – Aktuelles


Die Scheine können im Sekretariat von Prof. Rädler abgeholt werden.


Do, 17.10 Introduction What is soft matter Rädler, Nickel, Frielinghaus
Do, 24.10. (1.VL) overview: forces, energies and time scales in soft matter systems, gases, viscoelastic behavior and relaxation time, liquids and glasses, the glass transition Frielinghaus
Do, 31.10 (2.VL) Phase transitions, unmixing, spinodal decomposition, nucleation Nickel
Do, 07.11 (3.VL) Colloidal dispersions, Brownian motion, Einstein equation, van der waals forces, electrical double layer, depletion, hard sphere model, colloidal phases + SAXS/SANS Rädler
Do, 14.11 (4.VL) Polymers I, examples, random walk and polymer chain, rubbers, viscoeleastic properties Rädler
Do, 21.11 (5.VL) Polymers II, examples, random walk and polymer chain, rubbers, viscoeleastic properties Rädler
Do, 28.11 (6.VL) Gelation, percolation, elasticity of gels   Nickel
Do, 05.12.


 Liquid crystals, liquid crystal phases, topological defects, disclinations, electric properties, displays Nickel
Do, 12.12. (8.VL) Supramolecular self assembly (I): amphiphilic molecules, water and oil, micelles and CMC, shape, Frielinghaus
Do, 19.12. (9.VL) Supramolecular self assembly (II):  bilayers and vesicles, elasticity of membranes, surfactants and microemulsions, polymer mixtures + Scattering Frielinghaus
Do, 09.01 (10.VL) Soft matter in nature, DNA, proteins, protein folding, misfolding, aggregation/amyloid Rädler, Nickel
Do, 16.01 (11.VL) Dynamics at different length and timescales (I), inelastic neutron and spin echo techniques, FCS Frielinghaus
Do, 23.01 (12.VL) Seminar talks  
Do, 30.01 (13.VL) Crystalline polymers, highly ordered molecular films, organic electronics Nickel
Do, 06.02. Examn