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Novel quantum materials: theory and experiment – Overview


About the lecture

Time and place

Di 16:00 - 18:00 c.t.
Mi 14:00 - 16:00 c.t.

Schellingstr. 4 - H206

NEWS: ATTENTION: We had to change the times and/or date for the people in bold - please contact us asap in case the schedule change does not work for you.

Timetable for oral exams online. The exams will take place in the office of Prof. M. Punk (Theresienstr. 37 Room: 418)

15. Feb
Sam Mardazad 12:15
Lucas Hille 13:15

Cristian Telescu 13:45
David Koch 14:15
Dinu Purice 14:45
Johannes Lechner 15:15

16. Feb
Raphael Schramm 10:00
Marco Dembecki 10:30
Christian Schmauder 11:15
Gilles Rodway-Gant 11:45
Maximilian Lechner 12:15
Jaron Grigat 13:00
Boris Stanchev 16:00
Ketevan Parlagashvili 16:30
Lukas Renn 17:00


In case your name is missing, please email: thomas.weitz@lmu.de


J. Davies: "The Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors" (Cambridge University Press)
T. Heinzel: "Mesoscopic Electronics in Solid State Nanostructures" (Wiley-VCH)
C. Kittel: "Introduction to Solid State Physics" (Wiley)
N.W. Ashcroft, N.O. Mermin: "Solid State Physics" (Holt)
R. Waser (Ed.): "Nanoelectronics and Information Technology" (Wiley-VCH