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TVI/ TMP-MD4: Conformal Field Theory – Overview

About the lecture

Time and place

Tuesday: 14:00 - 16:00 ct. A 449
Thursday: 10:00 - 12:00 ct. A 449

Tutorials: Wednesday: 10:00 - 12:00 ct. A 449


You should have received an email with confirmation of your exam time slot, your name and matriculation number. If you didn't get an email or your data in the email was wrong, please send an email to mtraube@mpp.mpg.de as fast as possible!

REMINDER: All of the oral exams take place at the MPI (Max Planck Institut für Physik, U-Bahn station Studentenstadt) in room 310.

Repetitorium: The tutorial at the 29.1. will be a Q&A session (no sheet presented).


Note 1: If you consider to take the exam at the end of the course, please write an email to mtraube@mpp.mpg.de with: your name, matriculation number, program you're enrolled in (Master Physics, TMP,...).

Note 2: You have to hand in the exercise sheets at the beginning of the tutorial. You get the corrected exercise sheets back the following week in the tutorial. You can hand in a common solution (two people together).

Note 3: Your sheets will be graded with A,B,C, where:  A: You solved the problems almost perfectly, B:You solved only some of the exercises, or made several minor mistakes (e.g. you took the right ansatz, but then had a computation mistake), C: else. You need an average of B on the exercise sheets in order to take the exam at the end.




QM 1+2,a nodding acquaintance with QFT and complex analysis is useful, but not strictly necessary


The course will mainly follow the book: R.Blumenhagen, E. Plauschinn: Introduction to Conformal Field Theory,

(You have access to the book online via SpringerLink)

A classic and exhaustive source is: P.Francesco et al.: Conformal Field Theory



Credits/ Exam: 9 ECTS