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Vorlesung + Seminar (Übungen) Computational methods in medical physics – Übersicht

Latest news:

- Grades can be found in the Vorlesungsmaterial tab (file GradesTable.pdf)
- Exam date: 25th of February, 11 am, room A 348, Theresienstr. 37. The exam will start at 11:00 am, please be there earlier

- In the "Übung" sectionyou can find a pdf file (HomeworkSubmitted) listing which exercises have been already sent to us. Please make sure that all the exercises that you emailed to us are marked as "Yes"

- MSc theses available in the field of proton computed tomography for proton therapy. In case of interest, contact G.Dedes@lmu.de


Informationen zur Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort

Prof. Parodi / Dr. Dedes / Dr. Gianoli

VORLESUNG 2-stündig

Dienstag, 10:15 - 11:45 Uhr
Schellingstr. 4, HU123

Beginn: 15.10.2019
Ende: 04.02.2020

SEMINAR / Übung 2-stündig
Donnerstag, 14:00 - 16:00
Schellingstr. 4 H206

Beginn: 17.10.2019
Ende: 06.02.2020

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