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T: Quantum Mechanics 2 – Exam

Information on the mid-term and the final exam will be announced here in due time.

  • the mid-term exam will take place on Mon, Nov 25 during the lecture
  • the final exam will take place on Wed, Feb 19 from 8-12am.
  • The possibility to have a look at your exam ('Klausureinsicht') will take place on Thu April 10 from 6pm till 7pm in rooms A449/A450. Please forward this information to people who had not signed up for the exercises and who I cannot reach this way.


Mid-term exam

Final exam

The total number of points for the total exam was 100 points. Of those, 20 are considered bonus points. The maximal 15 bonus points of the midterm exam are added to the final result. 40 points are needed to pass the exam (resulting in a grade of 4.0) and 76 points are needed for the best grade (1.0). A linear scale is used in between to award the grades.